Ithaca Painting Company is a small, family run business located in beautiful Tompkins County in Ithaca, New York. Specializing in "high-end" custom interiors for both residential and commercial clientele, Ithaca Painting Company also meets the diverse needs of the many Cornell University and Ithaca College allumni, faculty, and students by providing a highly personalized service.


Like any other occupation, painting requires serious training. Real-time schooling forms the foundation. Follow this with many years of experience, and you have the formula for excellence. The many intangibles that we have depicted in our Color Wheel cannot, however, be learned in any classroom. They come from another place. Once upon a time people took more pride in their chosen vocations, and the goods and services they rendered reflected this. It is our intention to follow those dedicated craftsmen of the past.


Todd Moran is the sole proprietor of Ithaca Painting Company.  He has been steadily involved with the Painting and Coatings Industries for over thirty years.  His diverse background includes many years as a Union Painter with IBPAT, where the techniques that he refined were learned primarily in Palm Beach, Florida – the playground of the billionaire internationals. Whether instructing and supervising crews of “trained” painters applying all kinds of high-end finishes to the homes of the residents in Palm Beach, or personally hanging hundreds of feet in the air painting nuclear and treatment plants, Mr. Moran has always endeavored to produce a higher level of quality.


Although the focus of what we do is high-end residential custom interiors, our work is not limited to that. Our clients require the exteriors of their homes and businesses be maintained as well, and we accommodate that. We look forward to meeting and doing business with you.


For more information, please Call (607) 257-5020 or Email Us.

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