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Although the focus of Ithaca Painting Company is high-end, custom interiors, we cater to the needs of our clients and employ the same commitment to quality whatever the project.



Insurance restoration projects: fire & water damage


Rental unit and condo repaints or "make readies"


Full range of custom interiors and exteriors for the residential market. We use only the best paints and materials. We tailor our work to your specs.

Custom coloring to match fabrics, pictures etc. Faux work in old world finishes using alkyd antiquing mediums for greater brilliance and depth of color and translucency. Select furniture restorations.


Commercial services are available to those who want only the best for their business. If image is important, then high-end painting is for you; a place of business should be aesthetically pleasing to one’s employees and clientele. We offer maintenance repainting. You want to rightly protect surfaces from weathering or risk damage. In many cases commercial painting doesn’t have to cost more it just requires high-end craftsmen.


Much of what we do with respect to institutional painting is similar to commercial painting, but with a few minor exceptions; generally institutional painting of schools, nursing homes, churches etc. requires additional sensitivities and precautions. Ithaca Painting Company works multiple shifts to accommodate the unusual schedules such places often require. Institutional painting often requires knowledge of industrial coatings as well.


Steel painting is quite different from the other types. Industrial painting is much more dangerous and requires an in-depth knowledge of industrial processes, as well as the industrial coatings. Ithaca Painting Company can provide you with the means to bridging the gap between maintenance steel repainting and designer coatings. Although multi-component epoxies, urethanes etc. do not come in as many colors as do latexes and alkyds there is still a lot of room for innovation even when working along with SSPC plant schedules.



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