Q. Why should we hire Ithaca Painting Company to do our painting?

A. Here are a few reasons:

  • The Owner of the Company is on site each day. This allows for the best possible communication between client and contractor.

  • We only work one project at a time. There's no overlapping of jobs, uncertain completion dates or “disappearing acts” occurring.

  • With a small, family based company safety and security of your home and loved ones is our primary business.

  • The vast majority of our work is here in Ithaca, and as such, your neighbors and friends comprise our references.

Q. What is custom painting?

A. We use different mediums to create or complement irregular, distinct, or uncommon surfaces. Things like color matching, texturing, glazes, lacquers, faux finishes may fall under this catagory.


Q. What is high-end painting?

A. High-end painting is a mindset cultivated by years of training both in schools and on the site. We spend a lot of time in preparation for each job. After carefully protecting all non-paintable surfaces we begin by using only the best tools and materials. We follow this by "going the extra mile" with respect to the sanding, patching, caulking, taping etc. There are many intangibles and it is all dependent on the training and experience that one has received.


Q. Do you paint exteriors?

A. Although the focus of Ithaca Painting Company is high-end custom interiors, our clients' needs require that we provide this service as well. The same principles are applied to achieve high-end, custom exteriors.


Q. My house was built prior to 1978 and may have old lead paint on it. Are you able to do this kind of work?

A. Yes. We became an EPA Certified Renovation Firm prior to April 2010 to comply with N.Y. State law.


Q. What are ECO paints, and does Ithaca Painting Company use them?

A. When we speak of ECO coatings we are referring to coatings that have a low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) rating as compared to standard coatings. Basically, this means that as the paint continues to cure less harmful vapors/odors are being released into your home or business.


Q. What are Zero V.O.C. coatings, and does Ithaca Painting Company use them?

A. Absolutely.  In the last few years we have been offering these special coatings primarily during the cold and wet seasons when adequate ventilation may not be possible. We also tend to use these coatings for people who have a chemical sensitivity and when painting in schools. When we are working in places of business where employees are present during the project we also may offer to use Zero V.O.C. coatings.


Q. Do you use oil or alkyd finishes?

A. At the present time we still use some oil-based paints and primers.

This will not be the case for much longer. See next question.


Q. I have oil-based coatings on my home, may I still paint them?

A. Maybe. Due to widespread changes in the coatings industry most oil-based paints are being phased out. Each coating type (gloss, color, etc.) must be evaluated separately. Some colors and glosses can only be bought in quarts now and some not at all. We tell our clients they should prepare to switch over to a latex coating system in the future.


Q. What does the process of switching to an all latex coating system entail?

A. First we treat the surface like any other when doing high-end painting.  We first clean the surface of all contaminants and sand thoroughly.  Next we prime with a special latex bonding primer made to adhere to oil-based coatings.  The surface is now ready for a regular latex paint.


Q. When painting how many coats are required?

A. Varies quite a bit. When doing a "freshen up" where we're using the same kind of paint over a reasonably good surface, then one coat might be in order. If we paint an unprimed wall with a deep color and glossy finish, it could very well require four coats. We match colors and tint paints on the job site and often tint the primers to help alleviate need for more top coats than necessary, thus saving our clients money.


Q. Does it really matter what type of paint I use?

A. Absolutely. The higher quality coatings apply easier, get better coverage, last longer and generally have a lower V.O.C. A wide discrepancy exists in the different "lines" that the paint companies sell, and too often people believe the hype of the superstores and purchase overpriced inferior products that may not be around in a few years.


Q. Do you charge by the hour?

A. We prefer to use a contract, except in cases where there are too many unknown factors such as when we are stripping wallpaper. Then we would charge on a time and material basis.


Q. How soon can we get an estimate?

A. Usually within 48 hours. For more info please call (607) 257-5020.

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